Our watch cases are the result of an engineering innovation that combines the strength of 316L steel with surprising lightness. This high-quality steel is renowned for its corrosion resistance and durability, essential characteristics for watchmaking. However, what makes our cases unique is the advanced technique of reducing the internal thickness, a detail not visible to the eye but crucial to improving comfort and usability.

By reducing the internal thickness, we are able to use less steel without compromising the strength of the case. This innovative approach allows for significantly lighter watches while maintaining their strength and structural quality. The meticulous manufacturing process ensures that each case maintains its integrity, providing an exceptional wearable experience.

Our dedication to design and technology is reflected in every watch we produce. Reducing the internal thickness not only makes the cases lighter, but also contributes to a more elegant and refined aesthetic profile. Wearing one of our watches means choosing an accessory that combines aesthetics, comfort and durability in one high-end product.

Discover the excellence of our 316L steel timepieces and experience the perfect fusion of lightness and strength. Choosing our watches means opting for uncompromising quality and innovation.