The word “Gravithin” was chosen because of the idea of blending the concepts of gravity and thin together, to emphasise the lightness of our products, their fine workmanship, and the high quality of our raw materials, in order to deliver a timeless watch, which is also able to represent modern trends.

We Are Gravithin

Gravithin is a modern watch brand based in Italy.

We conceived our designs keeping our feet on the ground, while reaching for the stars. Gravithin watches take inspiration from the universe, combining both classical and minimal features, for a versatile and modern timepiece.

Our Story

The brand was founded in 2017. We wanted a watch able to express elegance and simplicity. With that in mind, we designed timepieces which are now a must have for fashion lovers in need of the perfect accessory for their outfits.

Our Philosophy

We decided to create elegant and customizable time pieces, to respond to any of your needs. Whether you are rushing to the office for a formal meeting, or you are about to leave for a new adventure, our watches are a fashion statement. The thin yet strong dial makes them a must-have for both men and women.