Ancient Instruments meet Mechanical Watch World

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The Collections

The ArgoMatic series references both the old constellation of Argo and ancient sextants used for celestial navigation with its sleek, imaginative design. This one of a kind timepiece is as eye-catching as it is elegant.

ArgoMatic features a double dial with engraving at different points and dot markers reminiscent of stars. A bright red hand reminds of the lens of old sextants, while the incision around the dial reminds of their graduated arc. Lines, numbers, and dots stand out against the dark dial, along with the light blue accents and subtle date window.

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Story & Design

The design pays a tribute to the Argo constellation and it is inspired by the ancient sextants used for celestial navigation.

In mythology, Argus was a shipwright, and he and his crew on the Argo had the protection of the goddess Hera. Legend had it that even beyond this divine protection, there was a magical piece of timber from the sacred forest of Dodona in the ship’s prow.

After the success of the journey, Argo was consecrated to Poseidon. It was then transported to the sky and transformed into the Argo Navis constellation.


The dial colors and their names were a specific choice: just like for the Argo series, we named these two beautiful colors Deep Blue and Black Sea, to pay homage to the mythological story of the Argo ship and also to give more emphasis to the bright red second hand, standing out on the dial.

The most complex part in the project was to carry out a design recalling the sextant on the watch dial without any sketches.

Initially, a bas-relief was considered, but after running a few tests, it has been noticed it was not the desired outcome for the timepiece, therefore it has been decided to use a double dial, with an engrave dial on a plain one, to make the final design memorable.

The Case Shape

As for the dial, we wanted to create a shape that would make Argomatic unique.
To do so, we draw inspiration from the Argo ship, and tapered the two sides of the case to mimic its hull shape. The sandblasting lends it strength and the lack of lugs gives the 42mm diameter a size suitable even for smaller wrists.

Thanks to the see-through case back you can admire Argomatic’s powerful Miyota 9015 caliber.

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Miyota 9015 automatic caliber

For our first automatic model, we chose one of the most reliable, robust and appreciated calibers in the world: the Miyota 9015. One of the reasons why we opted for this caliber is also its thinness, only 3.9 mm. Thanks to it, we have been able to give the Argomatic case a more distinct and refined personality.
Taking into account the requests and suggestions from our customers, we decided to make some improvements to the dial, by applying some layers of BGW9 Super Luminova on the sub-dial and on the hands, and by moving the date window to 6 o’clock.

RESERVE YOUR SUPER EARLY BIRD OFFERStart at 40% off for first 50pcs only