Inspired by the Galileo's Telescope

The dial features an intricate design that hints at the details of Galilei’s telescope, with the Roman numerals and hands blending harmoniously with the dial finishes.
The combination of copper, steel, and meteorite in the dial layers construction adds an element of charm and uniqueness. The brushed, polished and sandblasted finishes create a three-dimensional structure that catches the light differently, depending on the angle.

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An Out of this World Design... and Materials

The meteorite on the dial represents a journey through time, an experience that transports you to an ancient and mysterious world. Its magnificent surface, with its shades of gray and silver, is a testament to the power of the cosmos and the beauty of our universe, making each watch unique and unrepeatable.

The Reflector Ring

The Super-Luminova, applied under the sapphire crystal, gives the watch excellent legibility, while its glow is cleverly refracted by the polished ring set in one of the dial layers. Experience the ultimate symbiosis of form and function, as your wrist exudes a mesmerizing radiance.

A Powerful Caliber

caliber Miyota 9039 spec

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