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 We have poured our hearts and souls into these watches, developing products that we ourselves would be proud to wear. Suitable for any and all occasions, these are watches on the cutting edge.
After months of design and prototype work, we are proud to announce that we have finally completed our masterwork, a high-end watch whose design is one of a kind.
This is the power of ARGO.
Argo watch macro


It pays a tribute to the Argo constellation and it is inspired by the ancient sextants used for celestial navigation. We have designed a double dial watch, engraved in different points to make the final design memorable. We’ve also chosen two color shades, Deep Blue and Black Sea, in honor of Argo’s mythical adventures.



As the watch box is the first thing you see, we wanted to tip you off a little bit on the design of what is inside. We wanted the packaging design to show some of the features characterizing our watch. Therefore, we took into consideration even the smallest details, so that every single presentation aspect was addressed and in line with our design concept.
We decided to step away from the traditional watch packaging designs, the ones you can find everywhere, and opted instead for a more creative one, which is able to start telling Argo’s story and fully embraces our concept of beauty.
gravithin argo series box


We created three different color options (gold, silver and black) for the case; two (Deep Blue and Black Sea) for the dial and also six straps in two different materials (mesh and leather) and six different colors. 
We wanted to make Argo as customizable as possible, so that it can fully represent the person wearing it.

ARGO also feature quick-release straps for your convenience.


Our genuine Italian leather straps are made with high attention to details and the utmost care. Genuine leather might feature small creases, stretch marks and pores, which are signs of the leather authenticity and which add uniqueness and beauty to each strap.
The buckle is made of solid polished stainless steel and has been designed so that the leather strap fits neatly into it, and thanks to a recessed shape, itis even more comfortable to wear. The buckle tongue is also made from solid stainless steel, for a strong and secure fastening.


Argo watch 3 models

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